Frequently Asked Questions

When does the rink open?

The rink opens on Saturday 7 December and closes at 5pm on Sunday 5 January 2020.  The rink will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.  Free on site parking is available. 

Daily opening hours do vary so and group and exclusive bookings are being taken so please view the online booking for availability.

How much are tickets and where can you purchase them?

Tickets are priced at £7.50 per child and £9.50 per adult for a 45 minute session - this includes free skate hire.

Penguins, bears & sit on seal skate aids are available to hire for an additional £3 per session on a first come first served basis.  Skate aids can only be hired from the skate exchange counter in cash only.   

Tickets are available to buy using the online box office, click here.

From Saturday 7 December, the Box Office will be situated inside the skate exchange for the 2019 season.  Prior to 7 December, tickets may be purchased in person from the customer service desk located at the main entrance at Le Friquet. 

There are no discounts offered if you choose to use of your own ice skates. 


Groups bookings for more than 20 skaters and private sessions can be arranged, please contact the Groups & Events Office by telephone on 01481 728686 or email

How do I hire Penguins (skate aids)?

We have a limited number of skate aids including Penguins, Bears and Seals to hire. The cost is £3 per aid per session.  Please note that we only accept payment in cash for skate aids. 


Skate aids cannot be pre-booked and are only available to purchase from the Skate Exchange.  Skate aids go on sale 30 minutes prior to the start of each session.  You are advised to arrive at the skate exchange 30 minutes before your session if having a skate aid is imperative.  

The skate aids are on a first come - first served basis and there are a limited number. 


Please note that if you decide not to skate due to availability of skate aids, we are not obliged to refund or transfer your ticket to another session.    

What should I wear?

The rink is made of real ice and although undercover, it can get chilly.  Wear warm clothes and thick socks.  If you fall over you could end up with an ice burn on exposed skin which is similar and equally as unpleasant as a carpet burn.  We recommend that you wear gloves.  

In certain conditions the surface of the ice may become wet so we recommend having a change of clothes for those with a tendency to fall over,  as having wet clothes will quickly get much colder once you stop skating....  It also keeps the car dry on your way home !

Whilst it is not compulsory to wear a helmet, we do recommend that you protect your head by wearing a helmet - a cycle helmet is perfectly suitable.     

How do I use my ticket?

This year we are again using tickets that require to be scanned for you to check in for your session. You must bring your ticket with you


If you provide a valid email address at the time of booking, you will receive a confirmation email which contains your tickets, each of which has a unique QR code.  The unique QR code for your ticket is scanned by the staff in the skate exchange when you arrive.  

If you book at the box office at Le Friquet Customer Service Desk a printed ticket can be provided. 

If you book online you will receive your ticket via email only.  You need to print out your booking confirmation which will have the square QR code on it.

We can also scan the code directly from your phone screen, so if you have a smartphone and the confirmation email can be read on your phone, this will be able to be used instead of a printout.  

If you have multiple tickets on your booking you must check in together.  Alternatively you must give each person on your booking their own ticket so that they can check in without you. 

It is important that you bring your ticket with you.  Anyone arriving without a scan-able ticket may be delayed in checking in and may have to return to the box office to get a printed ticket and this may mean that you miss some of the session.

If you can't print your ticket, it is very important that you attend the box office before your session at Le Friquet customer service desk to get a replacement.  You will not be able to skate without a ticket.  Please also remember that at times the box office will be very busy.  We will not be held responsible for any delays or missed sessions.    

What shoe sizes are skates available in?

Skates are available in the following sizes: 

                     UK Size

Childrens         8 - 4           

Adults              3 - 12             


Regretably we cannot cater for shoe sizes smaller or larger than those above.

Are there any age restrictions?

The rink can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities.   Rink users must be wearing ice skates (please see the sizes available).


Babies and young children can not be carried on the ice.

Children under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult on the ice.  Children aged under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult who must remain on the premises during their skating session.


Weekday mornings can be a good time for parents & toddler to take to the ice but please check with the rink before booking as sometimes there will be school groups using the rink at these times.   Please call the office on 01481 728686 to enquire. 

A limited number of penguin, bear and sit down seal skating aids are available to hire on a first come first served basis from the skate exchange at a cost of £3 per session.  Skate aids can only be purchased 30 minutes prior to your session and must be paid for at the Skate Exchange.  The skate aids are very popular for busy sessions so to avoid disappointment, make sure you get your skate aid early.   


Please note that ticket refunds or changes are not permitted due to the unavailability of skate aids for your session.    

When should I arrive?

Please arrive a good 15 minutes before your allocated session so you have time to collect your skates.  If you wish to hire a skate aid we suggest you arrive 30 minutes before your session as this is when the skate aids will go on sale in the skate exchange.   Your shoes will be held for you.  Space in the exchange is limited so we will not be able to store large bags. If you arrive late (within your time slot) you will still be able to skate but may not benefit from the full 45 minute slot on the ice.

If you have bags or items that cannot be stored in your shoes, we recommend that you bring a plastic bag to place your belongings in and to provide additional protection from them getting wet when stored in the racks.  The racks sometimes become wet and we will not be held responsible whatsoever, for any damage to items stored.

At busy times you may be asked to wait outside of the skate exchange at the end of the of the session so as to allow the skaters from the previous session to return their skates.

Please also understand that at times there may be a queue at the ticket office so please allow extra time to purchase your tickets.  The skate exchange crew will not allow you to skate without a valid ticket. 

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Why is the rink surface sometimes wet ?

This is usually down to physics.  For the most part, the rink surface is dry and frosty, sometimes, the weather conditions such as winds and higher ambient temperatures, can cause the surface of the rink to become wet.  Some skaters actually prefer a wet surface as it is much smoother and makes it easier to glide.  However, when the rink is wet, if you fall over you will get wet and wet clothes can make for a pretty soggy session and chilly ride home.  

Sessions will always continue, even when the rink surface is wet.  We recommend to plan ahead and bring suitable clothing, wear waterproof clothing or bring a towel and a change of clothes if you want to continue your day after skating without potentially having to go home and change.    

Can I rent out the rink for exclusive use?

Yes!  A number of options are available dependent on your needs and the number of skaters (there is a minimum number of skaters required to book an exclusive session at peak times).


Please contact The Guernsey Event Company on 01481 728686 or email Natalie for more information and to discuss your needs.  

What are the rink rules?

DO NOT skate in the opposite direction to the crowd.   

DO NOT skate at excessive speed. 

DO NOT skate in a chain or line of skaters. 

DO NOT bring mobile phones on to the ice.  Many phones contain glass and if they are dropped and break, the session may have to end whilst the ice is properly cleaned and inspected.

DO NOT eat, drink or smoke on the ice. 

DO NOT carry small children or babies whilst skating.

DO NOT cause obstructions by stopping in groups.

Spectators must keep the access ramp clear at all times.

DO be mindful of other skaters.

DO hold on to the barrier until you find your feet. 

DO try to get up quickly if you fall.

DO ensure skates are securely fastened. 

DO dress appropriately - remember gloves and thick socks. 

DO listen to instructions of the skate marshalls. 

DO report any accident - We have staff trained in first aid. 

REMEMBER the ice surface is VERY HARD and although helmets are not mandatory you should consider wearing a helmet such a a cycle helmet to offer protection from falls. 



The full terms and conditions are available to view by clicking here

What is the rink made of?

The rink is made of real ice made using fresh water which is frozen by a network of pipes embedded in the ice sheet. 

What happens in bad weather?

The rink is undercover so skating sessions can and will go ahead rain or shine. Tickets will not be refunded or transferred in the event that you don't skate due to bad weather.

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